Deer Hunting Decoys = Trigger Pulling Action! Deer Hunting Decoys help youngsters get their buck! Best deer hunting decoy for food plots - by Tail Trick Deer Decoys Deer hunting decoy with swishing tail lures rutting bucks into range! Deer Hunting Decoys = Trigger Pulling Action! How many times have you been deer hunting and seen a whitetail buck in a large field…too far out of range for a good shot?  How often have you seen a great buck moving, but all too quickly he was out of sight before you had a shot opportunity?  Then, how many times have you gotten the big buck close enough and still enough for the shot – and at the last minute he spotted you and blew out? A deer hunting decoy with a swishing tail can help solve all of these deer hunting problems. To be successful at deer hunting, you must have a shot opportunity! Tail Trick’s Deer Hunting Decoys Lure Bucks Closer TAIL TRICK Deer Decoys include a tail motor that swishes the tail every 15 seconds. The flash of white from the swishing tail attracts the attention of bucks on the move with natural deer movement. Bucks identify the flash of white as a deer and come closer in order feed, socialize, dominate, or mate. The swishing tail displays positive body language that gives bucks the “official” deer signal that the area is safe and it’s safe to approach. The realism of natural deer movement lures bucks closer, creates a shot opportunity, and holds bucks for the shot. When the Buck Stops, Take the Shot! All whitetail deer have a Personal Space Boundary (PSB). This is the amount of space they keep between between themselves and deer (decoys) they don’t know or not in their social group. PSB distance varies from 25-50 paces. When bucks approach a Tail Trick Deer Decoy and reach their PSB (25-50 paces), they will usually stop and stare. When the buck stops, take the shot! Bucks seldom try to mount a decoy, so don’t wait to shoot. If vegetation blocks your first shot, wait until he moves into the open. Two Deer Decoy Models Work All Season Long  Use DEER RUT Decoy as a buck during the rut to simulate a fighting opportunity that lures dominant bucks out of cover and into range for a fight. Decoy works in open woods and food plots. Removable antler is included. Use DEER RUT Decoy as a doe during the rut to simulate a mating opportunity that attracts dominant and sub-dominant rutting bucks looking for an opportunity to mate. Decoy works in open woods and food plots. Use FOOD PLOT & RUT Deer Decoy in food plots and open woods to create a sense of safety and give bucks confidence to come out sooner.  Use FOOD PLOT & RUT Deer Decoy during the rut to simulate a mating opportunity that lures rutting bucks closer for a shot opportunity. Decoy works all season long. Compact Decoy Design Reduces Bulk The front side of each decoy is sculpted and displays the natural outline, highlights, shadows, and tail motion of a deer walking away or feeding in the distance. The “walking-away” body posture is non-threatening to bucks. The back side of decoy is flat. Decoy body is only 3” thick. Easy to Carry and Easy to Set Up Both decoys are made of high density eps foam and weigh less than 4.5 lbs. Single piece body construction requires no assembly and sets up quickly in the field. Decoy includes orange carry bag with shoulder strap. Deer Decoys Work with Scent and Calls Combine DEER RUT Decoy or FOOD PLOT & RUT Deer Decoy with other deer attractants such as a deer call (sound) and estrus scent (smell) to create a Maximum Attraction Set-up. A sight, sound, and smell setup pulls bucks in like a magnet. Better deer hunting from Tail Trick Deer Decoys! Copyright 2014 JSG Ventures Inc, Manufacturer of Tail Trick Deer Decoys Deer Hunting Trophy Whitetails; Decoy+ Call + Scent = Buck Food Plot Decoy – Brings Bucks Out Sooner! Hunting Tips for Whitetails How to Hunt Deer with Decoys Whitetail Buck Decoy Lures Bucks into Range! Whitetails and Whitetail Hunting – How to Get Bucks into the Open Privacy Policy